Limits To Letting Your Child Express Themselves

Every child will want to start expressing themselves and discovering themselves from early on. At the beginning, this will be through scribbling on your walls and furniture at the beginning of their lives to drawing pictures on books in the next stage which are all innocent and beautiful expressions of themselves but what happens when your child starts to grow up and wants to express themselves in bigger ways such as tattoos, body art and piercings? Should you as the parent allow it? Should you ban it?

Knowing the difference between harmful expression and harmless expression

Most parents would throw a tantrum at the mere thought of their child getting a tattoo or a belly button rings and would instantly ban it or punish their child for the mere thought of getting one but it is important for these parents to realize that no real harm comes out of these forms of expression and the worst thing that the worst possible thing that could come out of a tattoo is that your teenager or preteen may one day regret the tattoo and will forever have the mark on their body to remind them to not make hasty decisions.

This too can be an important lesson in life and the tattoo can be an important reminder of the lasting impressions of a mistake or an action taken that was not well thought out. Of course a belly or nose ring can be taken out and the piercing will heal over time septum clicker and leaving no trace of the piercing if your child chooses to not have it anymore.

On the other hand, at this age, your child will want to start going out to parties and to concerts with friends and this can be more dangerous than a piercing or a tattoo as you teen could get very hurt. This is the post where you as a parent will need to draw the line and create a boundary for expression. In most cases, if given a certain amount of freedom, children and teenagers will accept a no in certain circumstances however, if the child is given no freedom at all, they may well break out of the house or do something even more rebellious in order to go out at night with friends and it is important for you to keep in mind that there will always be a lot of alcohol and drugs at these parties and concerts and therefore you will need to be extremely careful with your teenager or pre-teen.