A Message From Beyond And A Gift

An apparition appeared to Sally when she went into the kitchen to eat a midnight snack. She felt a cold chill down her spine and didn’t dare look behind her. She slowly picked up her cheese cake and began her ascent back to her bedroom. The goosebumps moved from her neck to her arms, the ghost was following her.

“Phone the bathroom renovators,” she heard it say. She recognized that voice. It was her great aunt who had passed away last year. These things were still creepy to Sally. She knew who she was hearing but she still found it slightly scary. She knew that she shouldn’t be. Come on, she told herself. This is an era where The Ghost Whisperer airs on national television.

She wondered what the reference to the bathroom mirrors online could mean. The last time that the bathroom had even been redone was ten years ago. How could any of them tell her a message that her great aunt was trying to relay.

The next day, she knew this was a long shot, but she called the store that her great aunt had used for renovation purposes. A young man picked up. “Hi, may I speak to someone who knew my great aunt Belinda Maple?”

“Give me sec,” he said.

Two minutes later an older man picked up the receiver. “Hello, Marshall Sacks.”

“Hi Marshall. Did you know anything about my great aunt Belinda Maple?”

“Yes, dear. Are you Sally? I remember you, you were still quite young when we did your aunt’s place up. She left you a letter. Said I must give it to ya if you ever used our services in the future.”

“Really? Can I pop by today to pick it up?”


Sally retreived the letter, tore it open and read what her great aunt had to say to her. “My darling girl, I knew that this would find you some day. I asked the workmen to put away a little treasure in one of the walls for you. Here is a treasure map. Only you know how to read this one.” She was right. The map was based on knowledge shared only between her great aunt and her. After figuring the map out, Sally loosened tile on the bathroom floor. She opened the trap door and took out a jewelry box. Inside were three gold pairs of earrings (two pairs had diamonds, one had rubies), a fair amount of money, and a golden pen. Sally began to cry and thanked her aunt out aloud for the gift.